Charlie’s Courier Service was established to meet the special needs of the community in NE Ohio. Our goal was to provide a truly specialized errand service that would meet not only the time sensitive requirements for legal documents but also provide the added value of an errand runner service. With our focus on meeting our clients specific errand request, we developed a service that provided not only rush delivery service but also would obtain signatures and provide many other errand services.

Our attention to details, friendly capable couriers and most importantly timely delivery and completion of errands, was greeted with enthusiasm in the business community. We now provide these services for banks, ad agencies, hospitals, accounting firms, national and international expediting companies as well as numerous other businesses. Our well trained couriers are courteous and professional in the handling of your errands. We know that our performance reflects not only on us but also on your business so we always put forth that extra effort that you would extend for your best customers.

Our services and drivers are fully insured for your protection. We will provide you with friendly, professional, timely handling of your most critical errands.

DAILY SCHEDULED PICKUP and on-call services are available for businesses throughout the Ohio area. As our clients’ needs have expanded, Professional Courier Services has expanded to meet these needs. We have couriers delivering to areas throughout the day.

SAME DAY DELIVERY SERVICE is available to Grand Rapids and mid or west Michigan cities. We guarantee delivery to most locations within 5 hours.

ASAP SERVICE is also available to meet your most urgent needs. We offer 3 levels of ASAP service: PRIORITY 2-3 hour service, ASAP 1-2 hour service and STAT 1 hour or less service.

POST OFFICE PICKUP AND DELIVERY provides you with pickup or delivery of your post office box or call mail. You can get your incoming mail shortly after the post office has it available. We can also deliver your bulk and post office mail.

EXPEDITED PICKUP AND DELIVERY provides you with pickup or delivery of your air courier packages. We will pick up your express air package and deliver to the final destination or get your package to the airport and shipped out on the next available flight.